Sunday, 4 August 2013

London riots

London has just had its first major heatwave for several years, and one of those 21st century icons of the city has been soaking it up on some abandoned furniture in our overgrown communal back yard.

Nature still rules, even in central London. It's in the air, under your feet, in the cracks in the brickwork - everywhere. It expands to fill every space. In fact compared to the agri-chemical wastelands and treeless sheep-shorn hills that constitute much of our countryside, there maybe more riotous nature to be seen in the average London park or garden.

It still amazes me though how such a large mammal can thrive 'in the wild' in the centre of a city.

The most primal, thrilling, chilling sounds I've heard have been right here in the middle of London: randy lovesick foxes shrieking like the spirits of murder victims in the hot August night.

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