Friday, 6 September 2013

Indian summer

Some beautiful weather in London this week. Early morning walking has been a pleasure. Yesterday I put 8kg of iron dumb-bell plates, camera (a kilo at least), a sleeping bag and a couple of blankets into the Berghaus Vulcan II and was out at 6.15am for a seven mile walk by the Thames. Sadly the camera had only enough juice left for one picture:

Victoria Tower Gardens
The tide was low and still ebbing evidenced by the current breaking against the upstream faces of the bridge supports, the water like molten metal in the early sun. A heron stood hunched on the mud near Lambeth Bridge, then high-stepped through resting gulls, its long bill tilted disdainfully upwards.

Powder-blue skies, mist over the Thames, dew on the grass and a big bank of fog at Vauxhall Bridge. It had all the makings of a frosty morning minus the frost. Autumn is just around the corner all right.

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