Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Raising funds for Venture Trust and Scottish Wild Land Group

Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted that I now have a fundraising page on this blog. I'm using the walk to raise money for these two terrific charities, and you can read more about them and why I've chosen to raise funds for them here. Links for making online donations are also up and running.

Venture Trust have published an article about the walk on their website, and there will also be a piece about it in the next edition of Scottish Wild Land Group's 'Wild Land News', due out any day now (if you download PDFs of their excellent magazine, please do consider taking out a membership!).

The walk is still several months away and you might want to wait until nearer the time to think about donating, perhaps when you're more certain I'm going to go through with it, or indeed successfully complete it!.

That's fair enough, but please do keep it in mind. I believe we're at a cross-roads now, both in our understanding of how important nature and wild land is to our well-being, and sadly also in the struggle to preserve it.

If you think wild land really matters, you could hardly support two finer charities.

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