Sunday, 2 March 2014

Something's round the corner...

A pesky cold this week, book-ended by two trips into the country. Spring is hovering in the wings. As D-Day for the Tay catchment walk approaches, I'm starting to look more closely at the weather. How is the spring and early summer going to shape up? How much of that immense quantity of snow will be left in the Highlands come mid-May? The ticket to Dundee is booked now: no turning back.

Last weekend we stayed with friends in Norfolk. I levered myself out of bed at sunrise, despite beginning to feel ropey, and went for a walk in the woods.

Woods in Norfolk near King's Lynn
The ground was a crackling carpet of twigs and branches brought down during many weeks of storms. 

Today, feeling almost back to normal, Steve and I travelled down to Balcombe in lovely wooded West Sussex. We planned to walk to Horsham but we were defeated by vast quantities of mud. Paths were heavy difficult going. The ground was so saturated that even grassy fields proved on closer inspection to be swamp-like. We contented ourselves with a loop through the countryside, returning to Balcombe. The highlight of the day was walking the shores of Ardingly reservoir. The longer walk to Horsham gets pretty remote across the woods and ridges of the Weald, definitely one for dry weather and longer spring or summer days.

I'm walking the Tay catchment boundary for two great charities, Scottish Wild Land Group and Venture Trust.

You can sponsor me by making a donation to Scottish Wild Land Group here:

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