Monday, 7 April 2014

The rough and the smooth: backpacking the Luss Hills

I've wanted to get in amongst these hills for a long, long time. A work engagement in Glasgow towards the end of the week provided the excuse.

It's fascinating frontier country on the cusp of the Highlands. One of the last ever clan battles took place in Glen Fruin between the respectable lowland Colquhouns and the MacGregors, true Highland tearaways. Nowadays the MoD encroaches with a firing range and, in Glen Douglas, possibly western Europe's biggest munitions store. It's a good place to hide things: stolen cattle, hi-tech weapons, yourself.

I tried out quite a few new bits of gear on this outing, which I may talk about in a separate post. As far as the trip report goes, I thought I'd try something a bit different this time and tell the story through sound and vision rather than verbiage, so here it is:

The rough and the smooth: A two-day walk across the Luss Hills, April 2014 from Stefan Durkacz on Vimeo.

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