Thursday, 19 October 2017

Autumn bites

Sometimes you can get a lot from a short walk, especially if you take it slowly - as you're forced to with young'uns in tow. We were staying near Crianlarich for a long weekend, trying to avoid being hopelessly pinned down by ex-hurricanes, working our way though a ridiculously large selection of footwear to cover all weathers. Sunday afternoon offered a windy window so we headed to Killin for a low level walk by the head of Loch Tay and ruined Finlarig Castle, returning to tea and cake in the village.

There was a lot for the senses to take in - buffeting winds, fast-moving skies, sombre light and crackling autumn colours. We found a dead jay (my daughter was captivated by the vivid blue wing bars and wanted to take a feather) and a ruined castle - Finlarig Castle, as it happened. Here are a few pictures - click to make bigger.

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